Products and Services Disclaimers

Our market analysts conduct thorough secondary and primary research of a research topic and derive contextually relevant market information about market size, forecast, growth, competition and related market intelligence. However, we are not accountable for the data sources, accuracy and transparency of information that we parse for the research.

The insights and recommendations that we provide are totally based on the research conducted, micro and macro factors studied from available public domains and research methodology practiced. The recommendations provided are excluding of any unforeseen events or deviations in the market.

As permissible by applicable law, iCognition Insights will not be liable for any loss arising from them investing in our products and services. In other words, our market research reports should not be considered as primary source for decision-making regarding your company profit/loss.

Website Interaction and Digital Technology Disclaimers

As we all work in the digital age today, we rely on third-party add-ons and functionalities to provide enriched user experience to our clients. Though data security remains a top priority, we cannot ensure you the complete safety of your information exchanged during communication and interacting with iCognition Insights website, emails and other modes of communication and payments.

We use third-party payment gateway services to provide you seamless payment experience to purchase our market reports. However, iCognition Insights is not responsible for third-party privacy policies and precision of the payment gateways. So, failure/disturbance/incompleteness/disruption of any transaction does not bring iCognition Insights under any scrutiny.

Our website may provide/share some informative content in the form of image/document/email and sometimes may prompt you to download the file. iCognition Insights does not guarantee of such material from being free from viruses/malwares and providing protections against such security concerns is out of our scope.

Hence, it is advisable to have an anti-virus protection activated and data-recovery technology in place. iCognition Insights does not warrant any claims made regarding loss of information/data arising from downloading/interacting with content on iCognition Insights website and third-party services.

This Disclaimer page is subject to change/update at any point in time and changes/additions made to website/products/services.